Electricity production and sale is a natural extension of Gazprom Group gas business activity in foreign markets. Entry to this segment of the energy market helps improve the efficiency of natural gas sales by obtaining additional revenues from the production of electricity. It also helps to guarantee the sale of gas to the electric power production segment and to diversify market risks. In addition, our participation in electricity production in liberalized markets will help improve the overall efficiency of market transactions by optimizing the «gas - electric power» tandem.

Gazprom Energy is a 100% subsidiary of Gazprom Marketing & Trading. It supplies electricity to 5,000 clients in the small and medium businesses segments in Great Britain and the Netherlands. 

VEMEX Energie is a part of VEMEX Group, — which gets Gazprom as the majority shareholder. The company entered the Czech Republic’s electricity market in 2011 by acquiring a controlling interest in RSP Energy. VEMEX Energie works both in natural gas and electricity markets. While the whole VEMEX group focuses primarily on large-scale enterprises and municipal agencies, VEMEX Energie operates in the households, small and medium businesses segments.