Blue Corridor — 2019

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Blue Corridor – Gas into Engines 2019 Rally starts August, 29 in Turkey. This year, the route of the Rally will symbolically connect the start and ending points of the future Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream gas pipelines.

In 2019, the Rally is divided into two parts. The European route is focused on a newly developing segment of use of natural gas on the European market - gas on transport. The route starts in Istanbul, Turkey. This country is the main target market for gas, which will be supplied through the TurkStream gas pipeline. After that, the participants of the Rally will proceed via the Balkans to Italy, Belgium, Austria and Germany. On September 20, within the ceremonial finish of the European part in German Lubmin – the landfall point of the Nord Stream 2 – the torch will be symbolically passed to the participants of the Russian part of the Rally.

Russian part of the Rally starts from the gas-compressor station “Russkaya” (Krasnodar Krai). It is the start point of the Turk Stream. The Rally team will proceed to the start point of the Nord Stream-2 in Leningrad Oblast.

The ceremonial finish of the Rally takes place on October, 3, within the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum – 2019, where Russian and European NGV crews meet.

For the European part of the Rally, round tables and media events are planned in Istanbul, Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Milan, Brussels, Vienna, Zwickau, Berlin, Lubmin and St. Petersburg. Representatives of the gas industry and transport companies, car manufacturers as well as officials, experts and journalists will gather to discuss the technological and legal aspects of use of natural gas on transport, as well as the environmental, economic and social benefits of this type of fuel.

The rally is traditionally coordinated by Gazprom Export LLC and Uniper SE.

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The Blue Corridor Rally was originated by Gazprom Group in 2008. Since 2010, the German company Uniper SE joined the coordination team, having Blue Corridor internationally expanded. Later, other prominent European and Russian gas and auto-market stakeholders came on board as well. Over the lifetime of the Blue Corridor project, nearly 200 factory built CNG and LNG vehicles drove over 60.000 km across 26 European and Asian countries visiting 130 cities from Atlantic to Pacific oceans.

Each year cars running on compressed and liquefied natural gas travel thousands of kilometers across Europe, proving that natural gas technologies for transport are an affordable and economical solution to reduce emissions in the transport sector. Over the years, models of cars and trucks on CNG and LNG took part in rallies. In 2013, participants covered a part of the route on an LNG-fueled ferry. In 2017, the rally was aimed at demonstrating the opportunities of use of natural gas on heavy duty vehicles across Europe. In 2018, gas-powered vehicles rally went beyond the European continent for the first time, passing almost 10.000 km along the Europe–China international transport route.

The rally is traditionally coordinated by Gazprom Export LLC and Uniper SE. Since 2014 Gazprom Gas Engine Fuel LLC has joined coordination team as well.