Gas Motor Fuel

In Russia, natural gas is sold at Gazprom’s gas stations under the EcoGas brand

Reducing harmful emissions on transport is a global challenge. One of its possible solutions is the use of environmentally safer fuels. Broader use of natural gas is an effective way to reduce emissions. Gas is a widely available, technically and environmentally safer and less expensive fuel compared to traditional petroleum products. The engine of a vehicle running on natural gas meets the highest Euro-5 and Euro-6 standards.

Gazprom Group is interested in the development of the natural gas engine fuel market, both in Russia and abroad, including the European market; and makes a significant contribution to the development of gas filling infrastructure. Gazprom Group companies are engaged in marketing of gas engine fuel, its production and retail sales in European countries.

In Europe, the Gazprom Group is represented on the markets of Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland by Gazprom NGV Europe GmbH company, as well as through NIS (a member of the Gazprom Neft Group) which sells CNG on the Serbian market.  In 2018, the number of CNG and LNG filling stations of the Group in Europe amounted tо 70. Sales of CNG and LNG through Gazprom Group’s own stations in Europe in 2018 amounted to 12.9 mcm. Gazprom Group also sells CNG through CNG stations in Armenia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. In 2018, sales in these countries totaled 42.3 mcm. For the consistent development of the natural gas engine fuel market in Russia, a company Gazprom Gas Engine Fuel LLC was created. It promotes the EcoGas fuel brand.

Since 2008, Gazprom Group together with the German company Uniper regularly organize the Blue Corridor rally. Within the project’s history, other players of the European and Russian gas and car markets have joined the rally as well. In total, over 12 years, the project involved more than 200 OEM gas vehicles using CNG and LNG. They covered the distance of more than 60,000 km and visited 130 cities of 26 countries of Europe and Asia, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Each year, a caravan of gas-fueled cars travels thousands of kilometers, proving that the huge traffic flows can be much less harmful to the environment if they use the ‘blue fuel’. In 2019, the route of the rally crossed the territory of Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Germany and Russia. Participants of the European and Russian parts of the rally covered a total distance of more than 8,000 km.

In the last months of 2020 and the first months of 2021, Blue Corridor NGV rally has been held in a new virtual format. A series of round tables and meetings was organized in the European capitals  together by Gazprom and its partners  all across Europe. This time, the main focus of the ‘Blue Corridor Rally’ was on promotion of low-carbon liquid and gaseous fuels in a dialogue with politicians.


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