31 May 2013

European Gazprom Group companies meet to discuss the NGV market

Gazprom export – natural gas exporting hand of Gazprom – has hosted a meeting of the European affiliates: Bosphorus Gas (Turkey), Vemex (Czech Republic), Gazprom Germania (Germany), Gazprom Marketing & Trading France (France), GWH (Austria), Promgas (Italy), Overgas (Bulgaria), devoted to the prospective of gas as motor fuel at the continental market.

Participants discussed the current status, specifics, and future of the national and regional NGV markets in Europe. Gazprom intends to strengthen its position in the segment of CNG and LNG for transport.
Differences in national taxation, technical regulations for construction and operation of NGV related infrastructure, admission and registration of NGVs, measuring units, incentives, and other do slow the development of NGV markets down.

European market potential by 2030 is evaluated at 45 Bcma including 15 Bcma as LNG. Environmental concerns remain the major driver of NGV market in Europe, along with lower fuel costs and decrease of oil dependence.


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