18 October 2011

VEMEX group goes to the end consumer in Slovakia

Slovak company VEMEX Energo s.r.o. entered into contracts to supply natural gas to customers in Slovakia in 2012 in total volume of 14,7 mil. m3 of natural gas. Contracts were signed with seven customers.

„Customers have selected us in selection proceedings. We are currently involved in a number of tenders and in the last year we would like to achieve sales volume of around 40-50 mil. m3 of natural gas“, said Štefan Koman, director of VEMEX Energo s.r.o.

This move continues the expansion of trade activities of companies operating within the Gazprom group on end-user markets of EU countries.

“This is a real breakthrough”, said Jaroslav Horych, commercial director of Czech company VEMEX s.r.o., which is a 100% mother company of VEMEX Energo s.r.o., „after several years of preparation, we were able to commence sales to medium and small clients in Slovakia. It occurred at the time, when the competition in this market is rising. The arrival of Russian gas delivered via VEMEX s.r.o. to the Slovak market is a real contribution to liberalization in the interest of customers.“

VEMEX Energo s.r.o. was founded in Bratislava in 2003 as a 100% subsidiary of Czech company VEMEX s.r.o. to trade in natural gas in Slovakia on the eve of the expected liberalization. The company began active work on the preparation of future contracts at the end of 2008. VEMEX Energo offers natural gas of Russian origin, which obtained under a contract between the companies Gazprom export and VEMEX s.r.o. The latter is part of the Gazprom group.

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