20 October 2017

Gazprom Group Companies Presented the Project of Helium Gas Hub to World Largest Consumers

Gazprom Export LLC and Gazprom Gazenergoset Geliy LLC presented in Vladivostok the project of the Logistics service center for helium containers (hub) to potential clients.

The largest global helium traders, representatives of a Territory of Advanced Socio-Economic Development (TASED) Nadezhdinskaya, Far East Development Corporation JSC, ports of Vladivostok and Nakhodka and stevedoring companies (operators of port terminals of loading and uploading sea vessels) took part in the presentation.

Helium will be produced at Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) of Gazprom and will be shipped to the Logistics center on the territory of TASED Nadezhdinskaya in Primorsky Krai. Helium will be transported in liquid state at ultra-low temperature (-269°C) in special cryogenic tanks equipped with multilayer vacuum and nitrogen insulation. The experts of the center will perform all necessary technological and service procedures and send the tanks further to the ports of the Russian Far East for loading to sea vessels and further transportation.

The project of the Logistics center is synchronized with construction of Amur GPP. The center is planned to be put into operation in 2021. When the GPP reaches its full capacity helium production of 60 mln cubic meters per annum, the Logistics center will become one of the largest helium hubs in the world.

Currently Gazprom Export completes the process of signing long-term helium export contracts.


Amur GPP will become the largest in Russia and one of the world biggest gas processing plants. Its project capacity will amount to 42 bcm of natural gas per year. It will include the world largest helium production facility with a capacity of up to 60 mln cubic meters of helium per year (around 30% of the current global helium consumption).
Gazprom Export LLC is 100% subsidiary of PJSC Gazprom. The company exports natural gas, gas condensate, oil, oil products, liquefied petroleum gases and other products of oil and gas and petrochemical industries.
Gazprom Gazenergoset LLC is a specialized operator of PJSC Gazprom focused on sales of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG), petroleum products and helium in the Russian Federation.
Gazprom Gazenergoset Geliy LLC is a 100% subsidiary of LLC Gazenergoset. The company is authorized for implementation of the Logistics service center for helium containers project and is a resident of TASED Nadezhdinsksya.


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