19 September 2017

Blue Corridor — 2017 NGV Rally Officially Started in Lisbon

The festive Opening ceremony of the Blue Corridor — 2017 Rally took place on Monday, September 18 in Lisbon. The ceremony gathered around 50 participants from the industry, and the main actors were 16 gas-fueled vehicles, including 6 LNG-fueled trucks, 5 commercial vehicles and 5 CNG-fueled cars, that started their way towards St. Petersburg. There, the grand finish, timed to St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, will take place on October 5th. Natural gas vehicles will cross the whole Europe from its South-West to the North-East, overcoming the distance of more than 5.5 thousand kilometres.

A series of round tables and events for media is planned on the caravan’s route. In Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Ulm, Berlin, Tallinn, and St. Petersburg representatives of the gas industry and transport companies, vehicle manufacturers and government officials will gather to discuss technological and legal aspects of the use of natural gas in transportation as well as environmental, economic and social benefits of this kind of fuel.


This year the rally is focused on the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a motor fuel for trucks. Besides trucks using LNG, compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles will also participate in the rally.
Information brochure about the benefits of using natural gas as a motor fuel and the “Blue corridor — 2017” rally is available online:



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