EU Gas Demand Hits Six-Year Record in 2017

The European Commission notes a significant increase in imports and consumption of “blue fuel” in its Quarterly Energy Report on European Gas Markets for Q4 2017.

Nord Stream 2 Receives Full Set of Permits in Germany

Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany issues permit for laying the pipeline in the German Exclusive Economic Zone in accordance with the Federal Mining Act.

“Good Environmental Impact Assessment” Award for Nord Stream 2 in Finland

Environmental Impact Assessment submitted by Nord Stream 2 AG was awarded a “Good EIA Award” at the annual EIA Day held in Helsinki.

European UGS Reserves Down to Record Lows

By March 20, European storages were filled at 20.5% on average. Some facilities are emptied by 94-96%.

Gazprom’s Exports Continue to Grow

Russian gas supplies to far abroad countries in March grew by 29.4% compared to last year.

Russian Gas Export Sets New Records

Last weeks saw a record-breaking daily gas supply volumes, setting new historical maximums for Gazprom.