First ever contract for export of Russian LNG to Kazakhstan is signed

The first LNG cargo will be delivered in December this year. All in all more than 5000 tons of LNG will be exported to Kazakhstan in 2017.

Global natural gas demand will grow by 50% by 2040 — IEA

The implementation of the Paris climate agreement will bring significant contribution to the transformation of the energy sector.

Natural gas as a motor fuel is essential to achieve Germany’s energy policy goals

Participants of the energy conference jointly held by Gazprom Germania and Audi concluded that electromobility alone will not be enough to achieve the energy transformation in the transportation sector.

Gazprom sets records in daily gas exports to Europe

On 21st October supplies to Europe amounted to 590 bcm. The previous record of Gazprom’s export supplies had been established during the bitter frosts of January 2008.

Gazprom Export’s third gas auction successfully completed

Following the action’s results, contracts with 11 customers for total volumes about 2 bcm of gas will be signed.

Gazprom Group established a new company to develop gas for transport business in Europe

The new company will continue the current CNG and LNG businesses of Gazprom Germania.

A working meeting with Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia took place in St.Petersburg

During the meeting, the parties discussed current issues of cooperation in gas supplies and storage.

A working meeting between management of Gazprom Export and Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia took place in St.Petersburg

During the meeting, the parties discussed current issues of cooperation in gas supplies and storage.

Gazprom Export will carry out the 3rd gas auction for Europe

Gas will be offered at the delivery points Greifswald, Gaspool, Olbernhau, Baumgarten and Arnoldstein.

Dambořice Underground Gas Storage Is Put into Operation

The storage is operated by Moravia Gas Storage a.s., joint venture company of MND and Gazprom Export. The active capacity of the storage is 456 million cubic meters

Blue Corridor-2016 rally successfully finished in Saint Petersburg

Having covered about 4000 kilometers around the Baltic Sea, participants of the 10th NGV rally “Blue Corridor-2016. The Amber road”, organized by Gazprom Export and Uniper, crossed the finish line.

Blue Corridor 2016 took part in Energy Dialogue in Rostock

The event was mainly focused on the prospects of liquefied natural gas as a fuel for sea and river vessels in light of the toughening environmental rules.

NGV rally Blue Corridor-2016 started in Saint Petersburg

The main focus of this year’s NGV Rally will be on bunkering of marine vessels with liquefied natural gas.

Gazprom Export and ENGIE formalized a price agreement

In Paris, representatives of Gazprom, Gazprom Export and French ENGIE signed an agreement to adapt pricing conditions of the current gas supply contracts. The terms were agreed earlier in March.

Gazprom Export and Uniper agreed on the price

An agreement was signed to adjust pricing conditions of current contracts to supply natural gas for upcoming years.

Gazprom Export's Gas Auction for the Baltic States Completed

Deals for 80 lots with 6 clients were concluded, with a total volume of over 420 mcm being sold.

Gazprom Germania Performed the First Ever Bunkering with LNG at the Port of Rostock

On 27 February 2016, a ship was supplied with liquefied natural gas for the first time ever in the southern Baltic Sea.

Gazprom Export will carry out a gas auction for the Baltic States in March

Gas is to be delivered in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters of 2016. More than 560 mcm of gas will be offered at this auction.

The «Blue Corridor-2016» rally will start on May 26, 2016, in St. Petersburg

The 10th annual NGV Rally «Blue Corridor-2016: Amber Road» is named after the ancient trade route to supply amber from the Baltics to Mediterranean.