Series of European round tables on gas motor fuel successfully completed

In the course of the fourth round table, which took place in the German capital, representatives of gas and car industries, as well as energy experts exchanged views on prospects of using buses and trucks running on compressed and liquefied natural gas.

Experts appraised merits of natural gas in Germany’s future energy system

The 5th Schalke Energy meeting was organized by Gazprom Germania in Gelsenkirchen. Energy experts discussed the ongoing transition in the German energy policy, simulating a theoretical model of the future energy system.

40th anniversary of first contract for Russian gas supply to France

A celebration marking the 40th anniversary of signing the first contract for Russian natural gas supply to France took place at the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo, outside St. Petersburg. During the anniversary celebrations, parties signed an Addendum to the Sale and Purchase Agreement for shares in the joint project company (JPC) Nord Stream 2 AG, which is managing the Nord Stream 2 project.

OMV punctuates importance of Nord Stream II pipeline project

Talks on energy security in Europe took place at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, attended by 350 European business and political dignitaries.

Gazprom Germania acquires 4 natural gas filling stations

An agreement signed between a subsidiary of Gazprom Export and ENTEGA AG stipulates the acquisition of four natural gas filling stations in the Rhine-Main region.

Agreement on gas supply to the Azerbaijan Republic is signed

Elena Burmistrova, Director General of “Gazprom Export” LLC, and Nizami Piriev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Azerbaijan Methanol Company (AzMeCo) have signed a mid-term gas purchase and supply contract in the volume of up to 2 billion cubic meters per year.

Gazprom Export's Gas Auction Finalized

As a result of the auction, over forty deals with 15 clients were concluded, with a total volume of over 1 bcm being sold which corresponds to over one-third of the volumes initially offered. All tasks were accomplished and all goals set at planning and implementation stages have been achieved, in particular testing a new export sales mechanism which supplements the system of long-term contracts.

Clarification of the comment by Elena Burmistrova at the press-conference on September, 7

Following the press conference of the Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee Alexander Medvedev and Director General of Gazprom Export Elena Burmistrova, Gazprom Export wants to clarify the comment given by Elena Burmistrova while answering the question about gas negotiations with China. Several media misinterpreted this comment as if concerning the contract for the ‘eastern’ route of gas supplies to China, which is not consistent with the reality.

The gas auction of Gazprom Export started

On September 7th, 2015, at 9.00 AM CET (10.00 AM Moscow time) Gazprom Export begins the biddings within the auction for gas supply to Europe.

39 companies qualified for participation in the gas auction

The companies proved to be eligible will be able to take part in the biddings scheduled for 7, 8, 9 and 10 September.

Sakhalin Energy offloaded the 1000th LNG cargo

The jubilee cargo will be delivered to Japan and apportioned between two buyers, Tokyo Electric and Tokyo Gas.

Gazprom Export will carry out a gas auction in September 2015

This sales mechanism will become an additional instrument but not an alternative to the system of long-term contracts

German consumers place bets on natural gas

Approximately two out of three citizens of Germany, having installed new heating equipment to increase energy efficiency at home and reduce harmful emissions into atmosphere, made their choice in favor of natural gas.

Blue Corridor NGV Rally participates at the World Gas Conference in Paris

The 2015 Blue Corridor Rally cars were displayed at the World Gas Conference’s NGV Village exhibition, providing examples of natural gas as a motor fuel

"Blue Coridor-2015" reaches Paris

Having made more than 3800 km along the European roads the international rally of natural gas-fuelled cars reached Paris. Here the participants of the rally will take part in the World gas congress

The ninth rally “Blue Corridor-2015” hit the road from St. Petersburg

The ninth rally of natural gas fuelled cars “Blue Corridor” organized by Gazprom Export and E.On hit the road on May 24th from St.Petersburg.

Gazprom Germania acquires CNG filling stations in Baden-Württemberg

Gazprom Germania, Gazprom Export’s 100% subsidiary, expands its network of natural gas filling stations.

Five European countries support Russian gas supplies via Turkey

The representatives of the five states also decided to set up an expert group for the development of gas transport infrastructure.

UGS Bergermeer put into full commercial operation in the Netherlands

The storage capacity of 4.1 bcm makes it the largest gas storage in Europe with third-party access rights

Gazprom and Botas agree to review price on Russian gas

In the frameworks of the planned discussions both parties have reached a win-win agreement on the price of Russian gas for Botas.

GAZPROM Germania and Solbus Bring Natural Gas Buses to the Streets of Warsaw

GAZPROM Germania and Polish bus manufacturer Solbus are bringing natural gas-powered public transport to the streets of Warsaw with their recent launch of 35 LNG buses.

Innovative LNG buses introduced to Slovak Republic

The benefits of LNG were described to the audience by the representatives of Gazprom Germania, Vemex, Solbus, Chart Ferox and Danube LNG.