Turkish government permits the construction of new pipeline in its economic zone

Turkey has given permission to build the South Stream gas pipeline in its exclusive economic zone. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin disclosed during Russian-Turkish negotiations in Moscow.

Gazprom Group defines a mechanism to search for a partner in the construction of power plants in Bavaria, Germany

Gazprom Group plans to determine a partner for the construction of power plants in Bavaria "on a competitive basis", said the Deputy Chairman of Gazprom's Management Committee, Director General of Gazprom Export, Alexander Medvedev in Moscow.

Bulgaria recognizes the South Stream project as a national facility

A meeting of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria held in November 30 recognized the Bulgarian section of the South Stream project as a national facility. This will reduce the time of environmental assessment process and land takeover procedure thereby speeding up work on the Bulgarian section of the gas pipeline.

Danish delegation visit Yuzhno-Russkoje gas field

Delegation of Danish company DONG Energy visited Novy Urengoy and gas production facilities of Yamal. Guests from Denmark got acquainted with the gas production facilities of Severneftegazprom on the Yuzhno-Russkoje gas field.

The first GECF gas summit was held in Doha

The first summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) was held on November 15 in Doha under the chairmanship of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

13th Ministerial Meeting of Gas Exporting Countries Forum held

Doha (Qatar) has hosted the 13th ministerial meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF). The countries discussed the current state of the global gas market, the prospects for its development, as well as the influence of the European Union's Third Energy Package on the interests of gas suppliers.

Alexander Medvedev sees 3d Energy Package as one of the main obstacles to development of busines

The settlement of disputes related to the EU’s Third Energy Package remains one of the main issues on the agenda, said Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom's Management Committee, Director General of Gazprom Export Alexander Medvedev on 8 November at the press conference in Lubmin (Germany).

Production of natural gas started from Wingate platform

German company Wintershall in partnership with Gazprom Group commenced production of natural gas on the Wingate platform in the UK North Sea on October 16.

Nord Stream AG has published its consolidated environmental monitoring report for 2010. According to results of the monitoring, the impact of the Nord Stream project is in line with the estimated data and has no significant effect on environment.

Nord Stream AG has published its consolidated environmental monitoring report for 2010. According to results of the monitoring, the impact of the Nord Stream project is in line with the estimated data and has no significant effect on environment.

Nord Stream to be commissioned in November 8

Work on the Nord Stream and South Stream gas transmission projects are on schedule. According to the head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, the commissioning of the first line of the Baltic gas pipeline is scheduled for November 8, 2011.

Gazprom Export is ready to supply gas to private Turkish companies

Our company is ready to supply gas to private Turkish companies, if the current contractor Botas refuses to renew the current contract.

Banatski Dvor UGS Comes On Stream

The Banatski Dvor underground gas storage (UGS) in the Republic of Serbia - a joint venture between Gazprom and the Serbian company “Srbijagas” - has been put into commercial operation.

Sakhalin Energy plans to increase LNG production

Sakhalin Energy, the operator of one of the world's largest integrated oil and gas projects, Sakhalin-2 plans to increase annual production capacity of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by 1.5% over the coming years.

Alexander Medvedev: the Russia-China gas dialogue has agreed a gas pricing formula, while discussions with South Korea on the issue of increasing delivery volumes are underway

Alexander Medvedev, the Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom and CEO of Gazprom Export has said that the Russian and Chinese sides have agreed on the Russian gas price formula. He disclosed this at the "Sakhalin Oil and Gas" forum.

Finnish Experts To Discover Yamal Gas Production

Leaders of Finnish company Gasum Oy and their partners from various regions of Finland visited New Urengoy from 18 to 21 September. The guests received detailed information on the structure of the gas fields of Urengoy, acquainted themselves with the work of a number of local enterprises, educational institutions and social facilities of the city.

Katharina UGS facility launched in Germany

Erdgasspeicher Peissen GmbH, a JV between Gazprom Export and Verbundnetz Gas, has started construction of the Katharina underground gas storage facility near Bernburg (Saxonia-Anhalt, Germany).

New Shareholders from Germany and France join South Stream

Under the framework of International investment forum Sochi - 2011 in the presence of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on September 16 was signed Shareholders’ Agreement on offshore section of the South Stream project.

EU demand for gas imports will rise considerably by 2020

Margarita Hoffmann, Managing Director of Wintershall Russia, believes that EU demand for gas imports will rise by 30 per cent by 2020.

Alexander Medvedev briefed Japanese experts on Gazprom activities in Asian market

Deputy Chairman of OAO Gazprom and Director General of OOO Gazprom Export, Alexander Medvedev hosted a delegation of prominent Japanese journalists and experts who specialize in Russian studies and answered their questions.

Swedish “Dragon ship” acquired by Sakhalin Energy for LNG transportation

Sakhalin Energy, the operator of Sakhalin-2 - one of the largest oil and gas project - has acquired the Swedish tanker Stena Blue Sky designed for transportation of liquefied natural gas.

Gazprom starts filling the first line of the Nord Stream gas pipeline

September 6, 2011 has marked the beginning of the pumping of technical gas into the first line of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. This is a necessary step to bring the pipeline into full readiness for gas transportation. The whole process will take about four weeks.

Fluxys G acquires a 19% stake in NEL natural gas pipeline from WINGAS

The Belgian gas pipeline operator Fluxys G purchased a 19% stake in the NEL pipeline from the German company WINGAS.

Nord Stream gas pipeline connected to the European OPAL

The last joint that connects the first line of Nord Stream gas pipeline to the European OPAL gas pipeline has been welded in Lubmin (German land of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). It is through it that Russian gas will be directly delivered to the European market, bypassing transit countries.

The last seam of the first line of the Nord Stream gas link is welded on Russian territory

Welding of the "golden seam" − the last one − of the first line of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Russian sector has taken place. It connects the coastal section of the pipeline in Portovaya Bay with the offshore section, passing under the Baltic Sea to the German coast.

Pipe-laying of Nord Stream second line completed in the Gulf of Finland

The Solitaire vessel has completed the pipe-laying operation of the second line of Nord Stream in the Gulf of Finland ahead of schedule. Pipe-laying of the two lines, on sections with length 342.5 km of each, was carried out by the world’s largest pipe-laying ship “Solitaire” owned by Allseas company.

Gerhard Schröder confident European demand for Russian gas will only grow

Europe, and especially Germany, will continue to depend on Russian gas supplies, but this dependence is mutual. This was stated by the former Chancellor of Germany, and chairman of the board of Nord Stream, Gerhard Schröder during an interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt.

Gazprom Marketing & Trading Singapore plans to export 2.5 million tonnes of LNG to India annually

Gazprom Marketing & Trading Singapore (GM&T Singapore) and the Indian Oil Corporation Limited have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on delivery of 2.5 million tonnes of LNG to India per year for 25 years.

Sakhalin-2 profits exceeded 2 billion dollars in 2010

Profits from one of the world's largest integrated oil and gas projects, Sakhalin-2 amounted to 2,258,900 dollars at the end of 2010 as calculated by IFRS, according to the report on Sustainable Development from the project operator, Sakhalin Energy Company.

Construction of OPAL gas pipeline completed

WINGAS, a joint venture between Gazprom and the German company Wintershall, has completed construction of OPAL gas pipeline, the largest in Western Europe. It is an eastern land branch of the Nord Stream. The grand ceremony of welding the last of the 50,000 seams of the 470-kilometer pipeline was held in the city of Baruth (Brandenburg).

German Bundestag approves nuclear phase-out bill

On 30 June the majority of German Parliament upheld the Nuclear Power Law providing for the phase-out of nuclear power by 2022 and increase of the national consumption of renewable power sources. In particular, the Law implies immediate shutdown of eight reactors at the oldest nuclear plants, with the all remaining reactors shut down afterwards.

Shell shifts emphasis towards the production of gas

One of the world's largest energy companies Shell intends to change its production strategy in the direction of natural gas.

Gazprom ranked 15th by Financial Times Global 500

Gazprom has climbed from the 33rd to the 15th position on the list of world’s largest companies. According to the British Financial Times business newspaper, which annually conducts such ratings, the market value of the Russian company is 190.829 billion USD.

Program document of the Gas Advocacy Forum on the advantages of "blue fuel"

The role of natural gas as an accessible, relatively inexpensive, environmentally friendly and widespread natural source of energy is outlined in the updated report by the Gas Advocacy Forum. This informal group of players from the European gas industry includes Centrica, Eni, E. ON Ruhrgas, Gazprom Export, GDF SUEZ, Qatar Petroleum, Shell and Statoil.

Alexander Medvedev told journalists about Gazprom's activities in foreign markets

Ahead of the Gazprom’s annual shareholders’ meeting Deputy Chairman of OAO Gazprom and Director General of OOO Gazprom Export, Alexander Medvedev held a press conference on "Exporting and increasing the reliability of gas supplies to Europe."

Gazprom Group increases its export plan for 2011

Thanks to the recovery in demand and the continued growth in natural gas prices on foreign markets, Gazprom’s export plans for the current year could increase to 158-159 billion cubic meters of gas, General Director of OOO Gazprom Export, Alexander Medvedev told reporters in St. Petersburg.

GECF members discuss the situation on gas markets

he 12th Ministerial meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) was convened in Cairo, Egypt. The Chairman of the Executive Board of the Forum, Selwyn Lashley, and the Secretary General of the GECF, Leonid Bokhanovskiy addressed the meeting with the reports.

WINGAS achieved a new record in energy sales in 2010

WINGAS, the joint venture of Gazprom and Germany’s Wintershall, achieved record sales in 2010 by selling 323.6 billion kilowatt-hours of energy to consumers (in 2009: 308.0 billion kw/h).

The Government of the Netherlands has approved the construction of Bergermeer UGS

The Government of the Netherlands has granted a license to build Bergermeer underground gas storage facility. According to the Minister of Economy, Agriculture and Innovations Maxime Verhagen, "the storage facility will ensure sufficient flow of gas during winter when there is increased demand".

Exploration work on the offshore section of South Stream has started

The Russian research vessel "Akademik Golitsyn" has started exploration work on the offshore section of the future route of the South Stream pipeline within the territorial waters of Russia and Turkey.

Preparations for the start of welding works on the Nord Stream pipeline through the Baltic Sea

Preparations are being made at the coast of Finland for the start of a complex welding of the Nord Stream pipeline sections, which is expected to take around two weeks.

Nord Stream Lays Last Pipe of First Gas Pipeline Through the Baltic Sea

Nord Stream AG is pleased to announce that all three sections of its first 1,224 kilometre gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea have now been laid and will be joined together underwater off the coast of Finland and Sweden in the summer.

World production of natural gas increased by more than 7 percent in 2010

Sedigas, an international association which unites more than 140 natural gas companies, banks and organizations in 40 countries, recorded growth in world production of natural gas in 2010. According to them, it grew by 7.3 percent, which exceeded the pre-crisis level.

In Germany, construction of the NEL pipeline has begun

In the German region Mecklenburg - Vorpommern construction of the NEL pipeline began at the western outlet of the ground-based Nord Stream.

After laying off seven nuclear power plants Germany became an energy importer

In March, the German government introduced a three-month moratorium on extension of nuclear power plant operations, and suspended the operation of seven of the seventeen nuclear power reactors, which account for about 20% of electric power produced for domestic consumption.

Gazprom CEO welcomes first quarter results of Russian gas exports

Chairman of the Gazprom’ Management Committee, Alexey Miller said that the demand for Russian gas from far-abroad countries, and consequently its sales, according to preliminary data increased by 12% from 39.4 billion cubic meters in the first quarter of 2010 to 44.1 billion cubic meters in the same period this year.

“Green” ferries to operate on liquefied natural gas

French company Brittany Ferries that specializes in ferry transportation, and the shipbuilding company STX France have began a joint development of new-generation passenger eco-ferries.

A joint venture for the South Stream project in Slovenia

Gazprom Group is completing the creation of joint ventures with European partners needed to implement the South Stream project.

Kovykta field could become a resource base for gas deliveries to China and Japan

Kovykta field resource base is enough to ensure natural gas exports both to China and to Japan, said Alexander Medvedev, the deputy Chairman of Gazprom's management committee, and Director General of Gazprom Export.

Compressed natural gas has a great future as a motor fuel

In coming decades, compressed natural gas will be widely distributed in the Czech economy, especially in the transport sector, says The Czech Association of Petroleum Industry and Trade. The Association's research has shown that CNG consumption in the country will increase by 2030 from last year's 10 million cubic meters to 1.8 billion cubic meters.

Engineering designs of the South Stream gas pipeline route through Serbia conducted

Another stage of technical evaluation on the laying of the South Stream gas pipeline in the territory of Serbia has been successfully completed.

Torda Plitko gas field launched into operation

Torda Plitko gas field has been launched into operation during a ceremony at Banatski Dvor gas collection point in Serbia.

Gazprom ranked #8 in Fortune magazine's "World's Most Admired Companies"

Gazprom has climbed to 8th position among energy companies in the ranking of "World's Most Admired Companies", compiled by the American business magazine Fortune. The company rose by five positions compared to last year.

Fundraising for the second phase of the Nord Stream completed by Nord Stream AG

The consortium Nord Stream AG, together with the shareholders of the project - Gazprom, E.ON Ruhrgas AG, Wintershall GmbH, Gasunie and GDF Suez has announced the successful completion of fundraising for the second phase of the project. The amount of raised funds is 2.5 billion euros.

The number of Bulgarian consumers of Russian gas grows

In 2010 the number of Bulgarian consumers of the Russian gas marketed by Bulgarian-Russian Overgas grew by 8%.

Alexei Miller believes South Stream project is becoming increasingly important and popular

Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee, Alexei Miller, believes that current political situations have increased the attractiveness of South Stream.

Alexey Miller states Russia and EU can sign a road map on gas and increase the number of South Stream participants

In his speech made at the round table “Topical Issues for Europe’s Power Sector”, held in Moscow on February 21, Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee Alexey Miller said that Russia and EU could sign a road map for development of the gas industry through 2050. According to A. Miller this issue may be referred for consideration at the Russia – EU summit to take place on February 24.

Financial Times newspaper blog: Alexander Medvedev discusses pricing, shale gas and other issues

Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Director General of Gazprom Export, Alexander Medvedev has noted that pegging long-term contractual gas prices to oil prices “ensures an optimum balance between natural gas producers and wholesale customers.

The Nord Stream AG PR-project has been awarded

The Management company of Nord Stream AG has received the Russian Silver Archer National Prize for the development of public relations as the best PR-project in the "Business" category for 2010.

Gazprom hosted a day In New York for the participation of company executives

The U.S. market is promising for the company, said Deputy Chairman of Gazprom and Director General of Gazprom Export, Alexander Medvedev at the Investor Day in New York.

Italy is a strategic partner, cooperation with which goes back decades

"Italy is a strategic partner whose cooperation with us can be counted in decades. Gazprom has supplied gas to the Italian market for over 30 years and has a reputation as a reliable supplier who meets its contractual obligations" Alexey Miller reported in Rome, where he signed an agreement to join the development of the Elephant field in Libya together with the Italian company ENI and the Libyan National Oil Company.

Nord Stream awarded the best financial project ("Project Finance Award")

At the ceremony for the "Project Finance Award" in London, the Nord Stream project was awarded the "European project of the year in the area of natural gas transportation and wholesale trade" for the achievements of the management company Nord Stream AG in the field of innovation, risk minimization, operational management and professional handling of finances.

Construction of NEL link to Nord Stream to start in March

German companies Wingas and E.On Ruhrgas have received the first of two required approvals to build a pipeline that will link Nord Stream to the German grid.

Azerbaijani natural gas supplies doubled

Daily natural gas deliveries from Azerbaijan to Russia have almost doubled, increasing from 3 million cubic meters to 5.5 - 6 million cubic meters per day.

Negotiations with China going in a constructive manner

Gazprom Export is optimistic on the prospects of Russian natural gas supplies to China.

Construction of the second phase of Haidach underground gas storage completed

German company Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH conducting construction works has passed the second phase of the underground gas storage (UGS) in Haidach (Austria) to customers - consortium with the participation of Gazprom Export.

The Nord Stream project is a priority for the European Union

The Commissioner for Energy in the European Commission Günther Oettinger has said that “the Nord Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Germany will remain a priority for the European Union”.

President of the Russian Gas Society about LNG exports

Valery Yazev, the President of the Russian Gas Society, estimating the share of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Russian gas exports, suggested that “it will steadily grow and within next 20 years will reach 15% of total gas exports”.

Expert on Gas Market Situation

“Balance between supply and demand in the European market will come no later than 2015,” said Head of Contract Structuring and Price Formation Directorate of Gazprom Export Sergey Komlev in his interview published in corporate magazine Gazprom.

LNG exports from Sakhalin double in 2010

In 2010 liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from Sakhalin doubled on year-on-year basis. According to Sakhalin Customs, it endorsed 234 ships with hydrocarbons for export in 2010 − more than 6 million tones of oil and nearly 10 million tones of LNG were exported.

SPP remains a key supplier of natural gas in Slovakia in 2011

Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, a.s. (SPP) has also this year maintained its position of a key supplier of natural gas in Slovakia. Despite of a tough competitive environment on a fully liberalised market, the company achieved a total market share of 75% in terms of concluded contracts.

Norwegian gas, together with Russian gas will be located in an underground gas storage facility near Antwerp

Belgian Fluxys and Norway's Statoil signed a memorandum under which Norwegian natural gas will be placed in an underground gas storage facility near the Belgian city of Antwerp

Gazprom Marketing and Trading Singapore and Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation enter into a two-year liquefied natural gas supply agreement

On Monday the Singapore office of Gazprom Marketing and Trading (GM&T) and the Indian Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) signed an agreement for supply of LNG for a term of 2 years.