30 December 2010

Srbijagas and Yugorosgaz sign a contract to supply Russian gas to Serbia

Gazprom Export, Srbijagas and Yugorosgaz have signed an agreement to ensure the delivery of Russian natural gas to Serbia in 2011.

The contracts, signed in parallel between Gazprom Export and Yugorosgaz, on the one hand, and Yugorosgaz and Srbijagas on the other, will provide Russian energy to the Serbian market throughout the next year.

The price of gas will be calculated by a formula as used for other European customers. Reviews of the current price of gas will occur quarterly. The contracted volume for 2011 is the same volume of supply, as in 2010 - up to 2 billion cubic meters of gas.

The practice of extending the Russian-Serbian supply contract is an annual event.

The Yugorosgaz company, which Gazprom owns 50%, is involved in the organization of deliveries of natural gas supplies to Serbia. 

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