24 December 2010

South Stream is progressing

In 2011 the South Stream project will move into a new stage. "The national feasibility study of the project will be completed in the near future" - said Chairman of the Management Committee, Alexey Miller, speaking on a New Year's conference call. According to him, a new geological survey and exploration work on the sea section of the pipeline will begin.

The Consolidated feasibility study is being developed now. Commissioning of the pipeline is scheduled for late 2015.

It is envisaged that the offshore section of pipeline will run under the Black Sea from the Russian coast to Bulgaria. The total length of the Black Sea area is about 900 kilometres at a maximum depth of more than two kilometres. Then South Stream will pass through Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria.

The design capacity of the future gas main will be 63 billion cubic meters. It will carry gas to South-Eastern and Central Europe, as well as Italy.

Other countries and companies are expected to join the project.

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