17 December 2010

The American Gas Association considers natural gas an undervalued fuel

The American Gas Association (AGA) has announced that it intends to provide greater support for the gas industry in 2011, with the Department of Energy and the U.S. Congress. In particular, it will seek taking into account energy and environmental advantages of natural gas in the national energy conservation program.

This will be a priority of the Association in 2011. In its opinion, at present the efficiency of natural gas in the energy sector and its role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions are underestimated, including in the United States. "We believe that these are not reflected fully in the current legislation" said AGA Vice President Paul Wilkinson.

The key moment in the development of the gas industry will be a review, by the US Department of Energy, of a new approach to the definition of energy efficiency, which will be described in the current national program for energy conservation. Currently, environmentally friendliness and minimization of production and transport losses in the energy sector are only considered at the final fuel consumption stage. While ignoring low-greenhouse-gas emissions in the extraction of natural gas, as well as the minimal loss of energy resources throughout the production and transport chain. AGA is negotiating with the Department of Energy about the application of the "full fuel cycle" method in the future estimation of the merits of energy resources, taking into account all manufacturing and transport processes which will provide a full and objective picture, to appreciate the possibilities for natural gas.

Recognition at state level of the benefits of natural gas will ensure its wider application, not only in industry but also in public transport and freight transport, according to the AGA.

It is expected that a decision on the energy conservation policy of the U.S. Department of Energy will be made in early 2011. AGA is also planning to expand its outreach to Congress about the benefits of natural gas compared to other hydrocarbon fuels


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