11 May 2012

Nord Stream to explore the possibility of expanding gas transmission infrastructure through the Baltic Sea

By the directives of its shareholders, Nord Stream will explore the possibility of further expansion of gas transmission infrastructure through the Baltic Sea. Options of laying one or two additional lines will be considered over the next eight months. Results of the study will help in assessing the possibility of increasing long-term imports of Russian natural gas to EU countries, improving the reliability of gas supplies under existing contracts, and they will be the basis for further decisions. Experts will have to make a forecast for at least the next 50 years.

Europe’s growing demand for gas, the need for further diversification of supply routes, and strengthening of the energy security of EU countries will be the starting points of the study.

It would also take into account the 40-year experience of Russian gas exports to Europe, the successful construction of two lines of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, as well as the cumulative experience of shareholders.


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