4 April 2012

Blue Fuel Receives Best Corporate Media 2012 Award

Бюллетень Blue Fuel назван лучшим в 2012 году

Blue Fuel Receives Best Corporate Media 2012 Award


At a ceremony under the auspices of the Association of communications and corporate media directors of Russia, Blue Fuel, the information and analysis newsletter produced by Gazprom Export, has been awarded a diploma as the Best Corporate Media 2012.

Blue Fuel has been nominated in the “Best newsletter/bulletin” category.

In our times, the quality of corporate media in Russia has a direct impact on the efficiency of interaction with partners and even competitors, promotes loyalty and trust of the customers as well as brand awareness and brand’s psychological appeal. One of the key properties of Blue Fuel which translates into competitive advantage is its function of a debate floor used for exchange of experience, unorthodox opinions and creative concepts which facilitates proper assessment of the new tendencies on the ever changing gas market.

For the fourth year in a row, the quarterly English-speaking Blue Fuel newsletter, coming out in the web-media format, reaches out to more than 3000 recipients. The target audience embraces, on top of all, major players on the gas and, in a wider context, on the energy market, energy-focused media and academia. And this audience is steadily growing.

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