2 February 2012

Gazprom export to increase gas deliveries to Europe

Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Director General of Gazprom export Alexander Medvedev showed a surprise over the appearing messages of the presumed significant undersupplies of the Russian gas deliveries to Europe. “In the cold winter days in Russia and Europe, our company has increased to the possible maximum the gas deliveries not only to the European countries, but to CIS as well - in particular, to Belarus and Ukraine. At the same time, we increased the extraction of the “blue fuel” from the underground storages. For instance, the offtake of our gas from the storages in Europe increased almost 4 times within the current week”, he added.

According to A.Medvedev, the current supply level is equivalent to 180 billion cubic meter per annum, where in Europe, in 2011 were supplied 150 bcm. Apart from that, Ukraine, controlling her transit pipelines, is now taking daily volumes equivalent to 60 bcm per annum, what exceeds the contract volumes significantly. Alexander Medvedev also stressed that it is well illustrative that in these frosty days, those voices defending spot markets and global warming have disappeared.

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