14 November 2011

13th Ministerial Meeting of Gas Exporting Countries Forum held

Doha (Qatar) has hosted the 13th ministerial meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF). The countries discussed the current state of the global gas market, the prospects for its development, as well as the influence of the European Union's Third Energy Package on the interests of gas suppliers.

Leonid Bokhanovsky (Russia) was re-elected as the Secretary General of GECF for 2012-2013.

Gas Exporting Countries Forum was established in 2001 in Tehran. At the 7th ministerial meeting of GECF in Moscow in December 2008, the forum was transformed into an international organization and it acquired the appropriate legal status. GECF headquarters is located in Doha (Qatar). At the 9th meeting of GECF member countries in December 2009, Leonid Bokhanovsky − a representative of the Russian Federation − was elected as the Secretary General of the Forum.

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