3 October 2011

Gazprom Export is ready to supply gas to private Turkish companies

Our company is ready to supply gas to private Turkish companies, if the current contractor Botas refuses to renew the current contract.

"Gas from the western corridor is in demand from Turkish commercial and industrial customers" said the Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’ Management Committee and the Director General of Gazprom Export, Alexander Medvedev. "If the contract with the Turkish state company Botas is not renewed, we are ready to supply these volumes to our existing and new partners − private companies for further distribution among end users in the Turkish market".

The Turkish company Botas advised Gazprom Export on September 30 that it will not extend the contract for the annual supply of 6 billion cubic meters of Russian gas after 2011. The contract was signed in 1986 and expires on 31 December 2011. The gas was intended for consumption in the most economically developed western part of Turkey. According to the conditions of the contract, the companies have to warn of their intention to terminate it six months before the expiry of the contract, otherwise the contract is automatically extended. On several occasions Gazprom satisfied requests of Botas to extend the deadline. The last such extension was due to expire on September 30.

Deliveries under the 1986 contract will in any case be made until completion date, 31 December 2011. 


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