19 May 2011

WINGAS achieved a new record in energy sales in 2010

WINGAS, the joint venture of Gazprom and Germany’s Wintershall, achieved record sales in 2010 by selling 323.6 billion kilowatt-hours of energy to consumers (in 2009: 308.0 billion kw/h). “Especially in Germany where sales grew by 9%, we by far went ahead of the market growth as a whole,” Dr. Gerhard König, the Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors stated at a press conference in the city of Salzburg (Austria).

WINGAS is one of Germany’s largest energy suppliers and it is actively operating in the domestic market, as well as in Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain, France, Austria, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

According to Dr. Gerhard König, “the future of German and European energy can be ensured only if there is a strong gas component”.

“Gas power plants can flexibly respond to fluctuations that occur in the production of electricity using renewable resources,” he said.

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