25 August 2017

Factory-Produced CNG Car is More Advantageous Compared to Gasoline One

ADAC, the German Automobile Association Club, published the results of the test drive conducted by the Motorwelt editorial team over a year and a good 50,000 kilometers with a gas-fueled Skoda Octavia G-Tec. The car showed significant benefits compared to its conventional fuel counterparts. This CNG version of Octavia is only 100 euros more expensive than diesel, has a lower total cost of ownership, and, importantly, wins in terms of ecology — the model received a full five star rating in the ADAC EcoTest.

The official ADAC magazine found that natural gas is a “clean” and cost-effective alternative to diesel. It is noted that electric cars still underperform in terms of both costs and range while gas motor technology is so developed that there is practically no difference in operation from cars on traditional fuel.

Octavia G-Tec is fitted with three fuel tanks: two CNG tanks for a total of 15 kg of CNG and one 50-litre for gasoline. This provides a driving range of up to 1200 kilometers without refueling. For over 50 thousand kilometers the test car used 2134 kg of CNG and only seven times it had to refuel gasoline — only 352 liters, which particularly indicates the maturity and accessibility of European NGV infrastructure.

100 kilometers on CNG cost the owner of 110-hp gas-fueled production Skoda only 4.4 euros — a result unattainable for gasoline and diesel counterparts. This benefit will remain at least until 2026, while natural gas is tax-favored as a fuel in Germany.

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