20 July 2017

Preparation Works for Laying the Nord Stream 2 Continue

The first concrete weight coated pipes for the planned Nord Stream 2 pipeline arrived by rail at the Port of Koverhar in Hanko, Finland on July 17, 2017. Approximately 200 km of concrete coated pipes will be transported by train to Koverhar port between mid-July and the third quarter of 2017 for temporary storage.

The Port of Koverhar became one of the four logistics hubs to be used for the Nord Stream 2 project. Altogether 30% of the 204,000 pipes needed to construct the pipelines will be stored at Koverhar before being transported to the pipe-laying vessels during construction of the pipeline in 2018.

These consignments of concrete weight coated pipes are produced by ChelPipe in Russia. Pipes from the manufacturer are being transported to Wasco concrete coating plant in Kotka on trains with 63 wagons each carrying three of the 12-metre, 24-tonne pipes. Then the coated pipes are delivered to the temporary storage warehouse at the port of Koverhar.

At another logistics site, located in the port of Mukran on the island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea, the contractors of the Nord Stream 2 AG have since July 13, 2017 begun to apply a concrete coating to the pipes from the Europipe factory in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Currently 39,000 pipes are already at a specially prepared storage area of the Rügen island.

A portion of the finished pipes will be kept at an interim storage facility in Rugen. The remainder will be transported for storage in the Swedish port of Karlshamn. When construction of the pipeline strings begins, the pipes will be transported by the shortest route possible to the pipe-laying vessels.

Read more on Nord Stream 2 AG website.

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