28 June 2017

European Gas Transmission System Operators Support Nord Stream 2

Six gas transmission system operators from Germany, Austria and Czech Republic expressed their support of the Nord Stream 2 project in a letter addressed to the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. The authors noted that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will encourage competition on the European gas market and strengthen the security of supply.

In their letter, Gas Connect Austria, Fluxys Germany, ONTRAS, NET4Gas, Gascade and Gasunie Germany also expressed their concerns about the planned European Commission negotiations with Russia on the key principles of the gas pipeline operation. The letter warns that the European Commission’s special approach towards the Nord Stream-2 project, which differs from that to other pipelines, may create legal uncertainty for future projects.

The authors of the letter underlined that investing into onshore part of the pipeline has already begun, and any delay may lead to significant economic damage to these companies and create a hurdle for such investments in the future.

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