29 April 2011

World production of natural gas increased by more than 7 percent in 2010

Sedigas, an international association which unites more than 140 natural gas companies, banks and organizations in 40 countries, recorded growth in world production of natural gas in 2010. According to them, it grew by 7.3 percent, which exceeded the pre-crisis level.

As Thierry Rouault, the Secretary General at Sedigas said, this figure "is historical, and a sharp increase in gas production" is not only significant, but somewhat unexpected."

Experts tend to associate the reasons for this development with the stable economic growth in developing countries, as well as the last cold winter in Europe. According to the association, the increase in gas production shows "world gas production at a level substantially (4 percent) higher than pre-crisis global production."

In 2009, the drop in gas production was 3.4 per cent over the previous year.

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