13 February 2017

First regasification unit for Russian LNG commissioned in Astana

Комплекс по регазификации СПГ «Туран»

The Turan LNG regasification unit


The Global Gas Group has put into operation the first LNG regasification unit in Astana. The unit called Turan is using Russian fuel produced by Gazprom Transgaz Yekaterinburg and supplied under the contract with Gazprom Export by road transport.

The capacity of the Turan unit amounts to 25 Gcal/h, which allows to supply heat for premises of 500 thousand square meters.

“Today we are commissioning the new source of gas supplies on the basis of innovative LNG technology, which allows to substantially decrease harmful emissions compared to coal and diesel — by 70-90%. We will implement all the planned projects and will be able to solve the issue of emissions reduction in Astana”, — akim of Kazakhstan’s capital Aset Isekeshev said during the ceremony of the regasification unit’s commissioning.

The first site to use Russian LNG is the Nazarbayev University in Astana. The institution is supplied with gas from the Turan regasification unit via the dedicated 5 kilometers-long underground pipeline.

It is planned that in the future Russian LNG will be used for gasification of further sites of the Kazakhstan’s capital.

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