8 April 2011

“Green” ferries to operate on liquefied natural gas

French company Brittany Ferries that specializes in ferry transportation, and the shipbuilding company STX France have began a joint development of new-generation passenger eco-ferries.

The engine of the new ferry powered by liquefied natural gas, will work in conjunction with high-performance electric motor. This will significantly reduce energy consumption and when compared with the existing ferries, will reduce CO2 emissions by 15-20%. In addition, emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide will almost disappear completely.

The new vessels will not only be eco-friendly, but also be high-speed (25 knots or 46 km/h) and roomy vessels. They will be able to carry up to 2,400 passengers, 650 cars and 40 trucks. Light materials and high-strength adhesives will be used for the vessel design, while the body will be designed taking into account all modern design requirements.

At the presentation of the project, the head of Brittany Ferries, Jean-Marc Roué said: “We have already built a fleet of luxury cruise-style ships, that serve our passengers well on the Western Channel route between the UK, France, Spain and Ireland. In addition, we as a company based in Brittany and founded by farmers, have a profound respect for the environment and a deep understanding of the need to preserve scarce resources. We therefore are particularly proud to be a partner with STX on a project that will set new standards in environment-friendly ferry development”.

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