12 October 2015

Gazprom Germania acquires 4 natural gas filling stations

Gazprom Germania, a subsidiary of Gazprom Export, and ENTEGA AG signed an agreement that stipulates the acquisition of four natural gas filling stations in the Rhine-Main region by Gazprom Germania.

«The current discourse around diesel shows that we need a broader mix of alternative fuels. That’s why we’ve acquired natural gas filling stations in the Rhine-Main area for the first time. We see great potential in natural gas for eco-friendly mobility», says Timo Vehrs, Director of Business Development at Gazprom Germania.

Natural gas vehicles are among Germany’s most popular alternative-drive vehicles, with around 100,000 registered.

The acquisition brings the number of stations Gazprom Germania operates in Germany to 34. Gazprom Germania is continuing to invest in Germany’s network of natural gas filling stations and plans to be operating at least 44 natural gas filling stations by the end of 2016. Gazprom Germania is also collaborating with its subsidiary VEMEX on additional filling stations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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