7 September 2015

Clarification of the comment by Elena Burmistrova at the press-conference on September, 7

Following the press conference of the Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee Alexander Medvedev and Director General of Gazprom Export Elena Burmistrova, Gazprom Export wants to clarify the comment given by Elena Burmistrova while answering the question about gas negotiations with China.

Several media misinterpreted this comment as if concerning the contract for the ‘eastern’ route of gas supplies to China, which is not consistent with the reality.

Here is the original quote:

Journalist — Did you start meaningful negotiations on gas prices via the Eastern route?

E.Burmistrova — The Eastern route <contract> is already signed.

Journalist — And via the Western route?

E.Burmistrova — We are now in negotiations.

Journalist — Specifically on prices?

E.Burmistrova — We discuss the pricing issue among other questions, because during the negotiations, I dare say, dramatic changes on the market have occured. Gas prices are being therefore discussed in different variants and offers.

Journalist — And what they <the prices> will be based on? Will they somehow relate to the prices on the eastern route or not?

E.Burmistrova — We have not come to the agreement yet, that’s why it is too early to give comments. The both sides naturally have different positions on how these prices should look like. But I think we are able to find a compromise.




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