1 June 2015

"Blue Coridor-2015" reaches Paris

Автопробег «Голубой коридор-2015» достиг Парижа

"Blue Coridor-2015" reaches Paris


Having made more than 3800 km along the European roads the international rally of natural gas-fuelled cars “Blue Corridor-2015” reached Paris on May 30, 2015. Here the participants of the rally will take part in the World gas congress (WGC).

Various types of cars running on compressed natural gas (CNG) of different sizes and fields of application: from small city-cars to commercial vans, from taxis to large trucks will be shown to visitors at the exhibition pavilion. Also a special session devoted to perspectives of natural gas use in transportation will be held at the Congress. Representatives of Gazprom Group and European partner companies will present the projects that are currently being implemented in this sector.

The participants of the rally made its start in St. Petersburg and further on the way made stops in Moscow, Minsk, Warsaw, Poznan, Potsdam, Hannover, Amsterdam, and Brussels before finally reaching Paris. Rally teams did not meet any difficulties while filling their cars with “blue fuel”. Rally participants were pleased to note the dynamic development of the European NGV market: year by year car manufacturers expand the model range of natural gas vehicles, gas companies set up and expand the necessary refueling infrastructure.

Gazprom Group sees an increase of its share on the European NGV market as one of the priorities. Gazprom Germania operates today 28 CNG refueling stations in Germany and 4 stations in the Czech Republic. The company also implements projects to supply municipal bus transport with liquefied natural gas in the Polish cities of Olsztyn and Warsaw. Gazprom Group’s company VEMEX has 12 CNG filling stations in the Czech Republic, including 2 corporate stations, and plans to expand this network on the territory of neighboring Slovakia. The Gazprom Group’s companies also assess the possibilities to implement NGV projects in Italy and Croatia.


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