10 March 2011

Torda Plitko gas field launched into operation

Torda Plitko gas field has been launched into operation during a ceremony at Banatski Dvor gas collection point in Serbia.

Kirill Kravchenko, the CEO of company "NIS − Petroleum Industry of Serbia", and Alexei Ovechkin, the Director of block "NIS Razvedka Dobycha", opened the field in the presence of representatives of local authorities and the media.

It is planned that two wells operating on the new gas field will ensure gas production of about 80 thousand cubic meters per day, while the annual production plan for 2011 envisages above 30 million cubic meters. The two exploration wells were drilled at Middle Banat district last year to increase production and proven gas reserves, as well as to determine the limits of Torda Plitko gas field. Afterwards, they were connected to gas collection station Banatski Dvor.

There are a total of 32 oil and 3 gas wells operating at the Elemir oil & gas field.

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