5 March 2011

Gazprom ranked #8 in Fortune magazine's "World's Most Admired Companies"

Gazprom has climbed to 8th position among energy companies in the ranking of "World's Most Admired Companies", compiled by the American business magazine Fortune. The company rose by five positions compared to last year.

The annual survey is conducted with the participation of senior executives of the relevant companies along with financial analysts to identify companies with the most serious reputation within their own domain and parallel industries. World's largest companies are among the participants of the magazine's survey.

Simultaneously, American consulting firm PFC Energy published an annual ranking of 50 largest energy companies by market capitalization for the year 2010. Gazprom climbed to 6th position from 10th, which it held in 2009.

By the consulting company's estimates, Gazprom's market capitalization grew in 2010 by 4% to $149.4 billion. This notable growth occurred against the backdrop of the financial crisis, which posed challenges that not all the participants in the rating could cope with: 13 out of 50 major players in the energy sector fell in market value.

The total capitalization of the companies participating in the rating declined compared with 2009 and amounted to $3.9 trillion. This is 27% lower than before the pre-crisis 2008 - $5.2 trillion.

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