8 February 2011

Construction of NEL link to Nord Stream to start in March

German companies Wingas and E.On Ruhrgas have received the first of two required approvals to build a pipeline that will link Nord Stream to the German grid.

German authorities have granted an approval to build a 240-kilometer pipeline in the state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The second required approval for the construction of the gas link in Lower Saxony is expected.

The NEL gas pipeline of 440 kilometers long will run from the place where it meets Nord Stream in Lubmin and will pass by Schwerin and Hamburg to Rehden in Lower Saxony. There gas will feed into the transport system of the Dutch company Gasunie. The pipeline capacity is estimated at 20 bcm per year. It will help to deliver Russian gas to Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

The construction of the NEL gas link is being conducted by Wingas (70%), Gasunie (20%) and E.On Ruhrgas (10%). Under the Memorandum of Understanding signed in August 2010 the Belgian company Fluxys will join the construction project. The NEL pipeline is planned to be commissioned in late 2012 following the completion of the second link of Nord Stream.

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