27 July 2010

Anniversary supply for Blue Stream

On July, 27 Russia-Turkey pipeline celebrated the supply of the 50th billion cubic meters of natural gas through the Beregovaya compressor station in Krasnodar Region since the start of its operation.

Pipeline, also known as Blue Stream, is successfully functioning since 2003. That year in February first cubic meters of gas were supplied to Turkey and since August started regular supplies of blue fuel. In the end of 2003 due to the new route Turkish consumers received the first billion cubic meters of Russian gas.

Blue Stream is operating securely and proves the accuracy of Gazprom Group intention to diversify routes of gas supplies to the consumers. In January 2009 due to the transit crisis in Ukraine supplies of gas to Turkey were rerouted through the Blue Stream. Daily 48 million cubic meters corresponding to maximal project capacity were delivered here.

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