25 December 2013

South Stream Offshore pipeline in Turkish waters will have no negative environmental impact

 South Stream Transport B.V. submitted the draft of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report for the Turkish Sector of the South Stream Offshore Pipeline to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey. According to the report, the construction and operation of the pipeline will have no major impact on marine ecology, seabed geology, water quality and the habitats of marine mammals and seabirds or disrupt fishing.

The pipeline will be laid more than 110 kilometres away from the Turkish coast, in waters up to 2,200 meters deep. In the Black Sea there is little or no oxygen below 100-200 meters, hardly any marine life is found at these depths.

Environmental experts also assessed the potential effects on the seabed and performed deep-sea surveys to ensure that the pipeline route will not impact objects of cultural heritage value, such as shipwrecks.

Following publication, the draft EIA Report will be evaluated by a technical committee appointed by the Turkish Ministry of the Environment and Urbanization.

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