20 January 2011

SPP remains a key supplier of natural gas in Slovakia in 2011

Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, a.s. (SPP) has also this year maintained its position of a key supplier of natural gas in Slovakia. Despite of a tough competitive environment on a fully liberalised market, the company achieved a total market share of 75% in terms of concluded contracts.

Following the creation of a strong competitive environment in large customers segment, the 2010 saw the arrival of new players to the small and medium customers segment. The gas market in Slovakia is open to all customers and allows access to every supplier, which is also evidenced by the presence of several players on our market.

Even in such intense competitive struggle, SPP maintained its position of a key player in 2011 period with the total market share of 75%.

It happened because “we succeeded in rapidly reacting to the changed market conditions and in adapting our offer from the viewpoint of prices and custom-tailored products. In the light of current non-standard situation on the market, extraordinarily competitive environment and activities by other players, we consider our market share a very good one”, says the Director of Gas Trade Division, Dušan Randuška.

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