3 September 2013

Vemex opens CNG gas fuelling station on the D5 highway in Czech town Králův Dvůr

The Gazprom Group company Vemex s.r.o, together with LUKOIL Czech Republic and Gascontrol s.r.o, continues to develop joint projects in setting up public gas fueling stations on compressed natural gas (CNG), thus expanding the portfolio of available motor fuels by this modern, eco-friendly and cost-decreasing alternative.

Another fueling station has been opened on 2nd September at the LUKOIL’s station base in the town of Králův Dvůr, on the D5 highway that connects Prague through Pilsen with the German border. The gas fueling equipment involves the Swiss-made GREENFIELD DM type oil-free compressor, with output capacity of 85 cu m per hour. With pressure of up to 300 bar, the fueling equipment can serve up to 10 vehicles in one hour. The CNG price is at 26,00 Kč/kg (about 1 Euro/kg). The self-storage fueling unit is opened 24/7.

It is already the fourth gas fueling project on the base of LUKOIL petrol station, put into life within the cooperation of Vemex, Gascontrol and LUKOIL. The joint work relies upon the Memorandum on cooperation signed 20th May 2011, targeting the expansion of gas fueling network in the Czech Republic. Three other stations already operate in Ostrava, Opava and Olomouc.

CNG is an eco-friendly fuel with minimal impact on the environment. By developing its fueling network, Vemex follows its strategy of active support of natural gas as an alternative to the traditional fuels and as eco-fuel of the future.

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