Annual General Shareholders Meeting of Gazprom – 2019 :
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Linear Part of Power of Siberia Gas Pipeline Completed by 75.5%

Over 1,629 kilometers of the pipeline’s been biult by now. Construction of other export gas pipelines is also on schedule.

Alexey Miller and Italian Ambassador Pasquale Terracciano discuss ongoing efforts to create southern route for Russian gas supplies to Europe

The parties discussed the state and prospects of bilateral cooperation.

Gazprom signs Guiding Principles to Reduce Methane Emissions Across Natural Gas Value Chain

Gazprom made a commitment to further reduce methane emissions from the Company’s facilities and encourage other market participants to do the same.

Gazprom and Shell review progress of joint projects

The parties discussed the state and prospects of strategic cooperation in the gas sector and within current joint projects.

Alexey Miller briefs Dmitry Medvedev on Gazprom’s Performance in Winter

Particular attention was paid to the relations between Gazprom and Naftogaz of Ukraine.

Gazprom saves 18.9 million tons of fuel equivalent on fuel and energy resources in 2011-2017

Currently, Gazprom implements the Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Program for 2018–2020. The total savings in this period are expected to reach at least 6.57 million tons of fuel equivalent.