2014: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

OOO Gazprom Export Director General Elena Burmistrova about the results of the year

Gazprom purchasing 50 per cent of total shares in South Stream Transport

Russian-Chinese energy partnership gaining momentum

Upgraded Bubnovskaya CS to increase reliability of Southern Corridor

Alexey Miller: St. Petersburg is changing into a major international center for natural gas sales

Gazprom Export’s headquarters inaugurated in St. Petersburg

Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller inaugurated the new office building of Gazprom Export located at Ostrovsky Square in St. Petersburg

Gazprom Group enhances footprint on European NGV market

Volumes of CNG and LNG marketed through the network of company’s and partner-operated gas stations surged more than 9-fold against 2013.

Gazprom and Eesti Gaas address issues of bilateral cooperation

2015–2017 gas supply and transit contracts signed with Belarus

Synchronized schedule of maintenance and repair operations on main gas export routes for 2015 signed

On 11 December, OOO Gazprom Export held the regular annual meeting with representatives of European gas transmission operators. The session resulted in the signing of the synchronized schedule of maintenance and repair works for 2015 for the main export directions — North, Yamal and Uzhgorod.

Gazprom and Serbia point out strategic nature of relationship

Gazprom boosting gas industry in eastern Russia

Gazprom and E.ON address bilateral cooperation

Gazprom and Siemens look at crucial issues of cooperation

Gazprom and Comita address cooperation prospects

Berlin hosts 31st Meeting of EBC Presiding Committee

Gazprom – top Russian energy giant in CDP climate performance index

Gazprom and CNPC hold meeting of Joint Coordinating Committee

New gas pipeline towards Turkey

Gazprom Export boosts small-scale LNG supplies to European markets

Gas is being delivered from a plant in Kaliningrad that has been recently put back into operation after upgrade.

USA sees shale gas production decline, no progress observed in shale gas development abroad

Gazprom and Turkey – strategic partners

Gazprom and Petrovietnam sign agreement to develop Nagumanovskoye and Severo-Purovskoye fields

Gazprom and Eni address prospects for enhancing bilateral cooperation

Gazprom and Petrovietnam discuss future cooperation in oil and gas sector

Gazprom and BASF address progress with asset swap deal

Gazprom Export volumes of active gas in European UGSs exceed 5 bcm

This is 1.5 times more than the level reached in the middle of November 2013.

South Stream’s offshore section poised for construction stage

Gazprom and Moldovagaz extend gas supply and transit contracts until late 2015

Russia and China sign Framework Agreement on gas supplies via western route

“Blue Corridor” NGV rally successfully completes its 6600-km route

The participants of the 8th international natural NGV rally “Blue Corridor-2014” arrived in Russia.

Alexey Miller and Ambassador of Poland address current issues of supplying European consumers with Russian natural gas

Gazprom Marketing & Trading Singapore celebrated the 5th anniversary on Monday, 20 October

Evolving from a small company with three employees Gazprom Marketing & Trading Singapore (GM&TS) for the past few years has reached remarkable results.

Alexey Miller extends condolences upon tragic death of Christophe de Margerie

Gazprom getting ready to provide reliable gas supplies to consumers in Russia and abroad during cold winter

Capacity of Katharina UGS facility increased 1.5 times

Another Milestone in Energy Supply Security

New cavern begins operations at USF Katharina (Bernburg) to commemorate five-year anniversary.

Construction permit for South Stream’s top-priority section in Serbia may be obtained soon

Gazprom and YPF discuss possible gas developments in Argentina

Gazprom looks at possible cooperation with major Chinese bank ICBC

Gazprom and CNPC sign Technical Agreement on gas supplies via eastern route

Banatski Dvor UGS facility – extra guarantee of reliable supplies to Europe this winter

Gazprom and Belgian Fluxys consider prospects for cooperation deepening

"Blue Corridor-2014" NGV rally hits the road from Saint-Petersburg

The participants of the “Blue Corridor-2014” will drive along the motorways of fifteen European countries, covering altogether over 6000 km, and finishing on 31st October

Gazprom and BASF address strategic cooperation issues

Decision taken to boost Blue Stream’s capacity to 19 billion cubic meters

Gazprom and Shell approve Sakhalin II potential capacity creep

Gazprom Marketing & Trading-sponsored laboratory at the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping officially opened

A newly refurbished Laboratory of Electric Machines will enable SUMIS cadets to learn different modes of vessel electric propulsion system operation.

Alexander Medvedev: Gazprom will substantially contribute to the energy supply of the Asia-Pacific region

Germans choose natural gas as a heat fuel for new residential buildings

Natural gas remains the most popular fuel for German residential developers, show the latest figures from the Federal Statistical Office.

Designer of South Stream’s Hungarian section towards Baumgarten to be selected before late October

Address by Gazprom Management Committee Chairman Alexey Miller at 13th International Investment Forum Sochi-2014

Gazprom supplying gas to Europe in line with contractual obligations

Board of Directors addresses relationships with Ukraine in gas sector

Intergovernmental agreement for South Stream in Republika Srpska to be ready soon

Gazprom and PetroVietnam to develop Moc Tinh and Hai Thach fields to full capacity in 2016

GM&T bunkers its LNG vessel in Russia for the first time

GM&T newly delivered LNG carrier ‘Pskov’ has received oil bunkers at the port of Nakhodka in the Primorskiy Region of Russia.

Gazprom and Chinese leaders address construction of Power of Siberia project

Alexander Medvedev: our own tanker fleet – our huge advantage in the LNG market

Alexey Miller holds working meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Russia

Alexey Miller and Vietnamese Ambassador address priorities of Russian-Vietnamese energy agenda

Alexey Miller holds working meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Russia

Pipe supply starts for Power of Siberia GTS construction

"Blue Corridor-2014" NGV rally will hit the road in October

The international OEM-produced natural gas-fuelled vehicles (NGV) rally “Blue Corridor-2014” will start on October 7.

“Blue Corridor-2014” NGV rally will hit the road in October

Gazprom tightening links with Bosnia and Herzegovina

WINGAS Chairman will move from the BASF Group to the Gazprom Group

Gerhard König will continue at the helm of WINGAS.

Turkey approves EIA Report for South Stream’s offshore section

GAZPROM Group and port of Rostock investigate opportunities for cooperation in LNG market

The main direction of future cooperation is the development of marketing and usage of LNG in road transport and shipping in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Gazprom considering extension of gas supplies from Kazakhstan

Gazprom settles all payments through accounts in Gazprombank (OAO) in full

The Gazprom Group settles in full and in due time all the payments in Russian rubles and in international currencies, through accounts of Gazprom and its affiliated companies operated by Gazprombank.

Gazprom fully settles all payments in Russian and foreign currencies on Gazprombank accounts

Russia hosted Gazprom-supported Scirocco R-Cup

VW Scirocco R-Cup made its first appearance in Russia on 11 and 12 July as part of the DTM racing weekend at the Moscow Raceway.

Gazprom commissions entire liquid helium production cycle

Gazprom paying great attention to reliability of supplies for European consumers

Gazprom considerably boosting gas supply to Croatia

Centrgaz to construct South Stream in Serbia

Gazprom Marketing & Trading signs Service Agreement with Sakhalin Energy for the supervision of construction of four offshore support vessels

During the three-year contract, GM&T’s Shipping unit will support Sakhalin Energy by providing technical expertise and supervising the full cycle of the shipbuilding process.

Elena Burmistrova appointed Director General of Gazprom Export

This decision was made due to a considerable increase in the day-to-day business and its geographical expansion, as well as product diversification within the Company’s international activities.

South Stream Transport obtains construction permit for South Stream in Russia

In 2013 Gazprom ranks top among global EBITDA leaders

South Stream to be built in Austria in late 2016

Gazprom Export will balance the demand peaks in Europe with the help of underground storages

Gazprom took the decision to increase gas injection into the European UGS facilities during summer months of 2014.

Alexey Miller: the Power of Siberia first joint will be welded this August

Gazprom and Petrovietnam addressing prospects for entry into Vietnamese petroleum products market

Agreement for South Stream construction in Serbia to be signed by late June

Talks with Ukraine may be resumed if gas debt is fully settled

Gazprom files lawsuit in Stockholm arbitration for USD 4.5 billion and switches Naftogaz of Ukraine to gas prepayment

Gazprom to supply Ukraine only with prepaid gas volumes

Gazprom developing NGV market in Czech Republic

Berlin hosts talks with Naftogaz of Ukraine

NGV fuel abroad – diversifying Gazprom’s portfolio and boosting export

Stroytransgaz consortium to construct South Stream in Bulgaria

Natural gas is crucial for the energy sector in Germany, poll shows

The poll showed 70% of respondents were in favor of natural gas as the best possible energy source to supplement renewables.

Alexey Miller: In cooperation with Verbundnetz Gas we will increase the stability of gas supply to our European consumers in the autumn-winter period

Investment projects for gas supply to China launched

Gazprom and Comita may set up NGV joint venture in South Stream project countries

Gazprom and Eni sign Addendum to contracts for natural gas supply to Italy

Gazprom Marketing & Trading Singapore and Yamal Trade sign agreement to supply up to 3 million tons of LNG

Gazprom and Shell look at possible expansion of cooperation within Sakhalin II

Gazprom and SOCAR keen to strengthen partnership

Agreement for South Stream construction in Serbia to be concluded soon

Nord Stream demonstrating high efficiency of direct gas supplies to Europe

Alexey Miller: Russia and China signed the biggest contract in the entire history of Gazprom

Gazprom and CNPC address crucial issues of cooperation

Debt for Russian gas must be settled

All contracts for South Stream’s offshore construction signed

South Stream – key element of European gas transmission infrastructure

Gazprom keeps working on contract with China

Shale revolution is a regional event, says GECF Secretary General

Influence of shale gas is limited, thinks Seyed Mohammad Hossein Adeli.

South Stream to provide for possible branch construction from Hungary to Austria

Dmitry Medvedev tasks Gazprom to switch Ukraine to gas prepayment

New season of natural gas-fuelled car races Scirocco R-Cup now open

Opening ceremony of the new natural gas-fuelled car racing series Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup season took place on a legendary racing track Hockenheimring, Germany.

Alexey Miller: Only South Stream may offer now extra guarantees of energy security to Europe

Gazprom Marketing & Trading signs long-term time charter agreement with Sakhalin Energy

At a ceremony held in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, GM&T and Sakhalin Energy signed a time charter agreement for the provision of an LNG vessel. The duration of the contract is 13 years.

Gazprom and Austria point out relevancy of alternative Russian gas routes to Europe

Gazprom to meet increased European demand and secure additional gas amounts for premium Asia-Pacific market

Gazprom and Turkey to look into possible increase in Blue Stream capacity

Gazprom Group contracted capacity of 1.9 bcm in Bergermeer Gas Storage

Bergermeer will significantly contribute to the security of European energy supply and create more efficient gas markets by increasing competition.

Bulgaria confirms interest in South Stream gas pipeline project

Minister of Economy and Energy of Bulgaria Mr.Stoynev reminded that South Stream is a long-term European infrastructural project of the highest priority not only for Bulgaria.

New “Scirocco R-Cup” racing series launched in partnership with Gazprom Germania

The Volkswagen Scirocco 285 hp racecars running on Russian gas as engine fuel are participating in the competitions.

European Parliament approved development of alternative refueling infrastructure

Member States will have to build up a minimum infrastructure for alternative fuels, in conformity with the common EU-wide standards for equipment.

Sakhalin Energy submitted 2013 Sustainable Development Annual Report

The document contains comprehensive data about production, business, environmental and social activities of the company for the previous year.

Alexey Miller meets with Gunter Oettinger and Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Brussels

Nord Stream and South Stream strengthening ties between Russia and Europe

Gazprom and Siemens to extend Strategic Partnership Agreement

Gazprom carries on improving interaction with investors and shareholders

LNG market development – one of core businesses

Gazprom and Kuwait addressing cooperation options, including LNG supplies

Rostov Region actively building gas supply infrastructure for South Stream

50 million tonnes of LNG produced on Sakhalin-2 project

Since the start of the production in February 2009 the company supplied 769 cargoes of Liquefied Natural Gas.

South Stream offshore pipeline (Russian sector) will have no negative impact on environment

The State Expert Review Commission gave the seal of approval to the Design Documentation for the Russian sector of the South Stream Offshore Pipeline.

Saipem to lay first line of South Stream offshore gas pipeline

Marubeni-Itochu and Sumitomo consortium, United Metallurgical Company and Severstal to supply pipes for second line of South Stream’s offshore section

Gazprom and E.ON celebrate 40th anniversary of cooperation

South Stream Transport to sign contract for laying first string of South Stream’s offshore section in March 2014

100 billion cubic meters of gas delivered via Blue Stream to Turkey

Gazprom successfully holds Investor Day in London and New York

VEMEX opens a new CNG station in Pilsen

Station will be opened 24 hours a day. It offers same quality standard for customers as any petrol station.

40 years of Russian natural gas in Finland, the twentieth anniversary of Gasum

The milestone event was celebrated in Helsinki by Gasum, a partner of Gazprom Export on the Finnish market.

Gazprom and OMV address cooperation issues

Gazprom and Srbijagas discuss progress with South Stream

Gazprom and Shell sign roadmap for third train of Sakhalin II project

Gazprom pushing ahead with South Stream and Southern Corridor projects

Gazprom and Lithuania comprehensively discuss bilateral cooperation in energy sector

Katharina UGS facility in Germany to be expanded by 50 per cent in 2014

Gazprom addresses possibility of constructing additional strings of Nord Stream

Alexey Miller and Yury Boiko address operation in winter period and debts of Naftogaz Ukrainy to Gazprom

EUROPIPE, United Metallurgical Company and Severstal to supply pipes for first line of South Stream’s offshore section

Gazprom and CNPC getting ready to sign contract for Russian gas supply

Veliky Novogorod to become largest gas carrier in Gazprom’s fleet

In 2013 Gazprom Export set a historical record in gas deliveries

The overall supply growth reached 16.33%, gas supplies to Western Europe increased by more than 20%.

South Stream Transport signed agreement with Sea Ports of Bulgaria

Agreement allows for pipe storage at the ports; pipes will be used for construction of the South Stream Offshore Pipeline.

Gazprom increasing its stake in ArmRosgazprom to 100 per cent

Alexander Medvedev addressed the meeting of German WINGAS company employees

The speech delivered by Mr. Medvedev was focused on the future incorporation of WINGAS, which specializes in trade and storage of natural gas in Europe, into Gazprom Group.