Blue Corridor Rally 2012 ends successfully

From 8 to 24 September, natural gas vehicles produced at the factories’ assembly lines drove across Europe: 6700 miles, 17 days, 30 cities, and 11 round tables.

Alexey Miller discusses Russian gas supplies to China with Chinese partners

Macedonia. 20 years of partnership and still going strong

Some 20 years elapsed since Gazprom group entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with Macedonia formed out of a republic of former Yugoslavia.

Gazprom and BASF celebrate success in joint projects

Alexander Medvedev: Gazprom will build up export potential to enter Asia-Pacific markets

Gazprom Energy Tops Customer Satisfaction Rankings for Large Gas Users

Gazprom Energy reached the top of the Datamonitor’s Energy Buyer Customer Satisfaction Survey, which is compiled Large Gas Users, for the first time.

South Stream may be laid to Republika Srpska

Gazprom and Summa Group to develop global market of LNG as bunker fuel for marine vessels

Gazprom and Slovakia celebrate anniversaries of cooperation in energy sector

Gazprom and Japan’s Agency for Natural Resources and Energy sign Memorandum on Vladivostok-LNG project

Blue Corridor 2012 roundtable series launches in Moscow

On 6 September, the Blue Corridor 2012 Natural Gas Vehicle Rally held its first roundtable event in Moscow during the tenth annual GasSUF-2012, an international exhibition of gas distribution technologies.

Gazprom and Slovenia set up joint project company for South Stream implementation

Gazprom Statement on formal stage of European Commission antitrust investigation

Alexey Miller and Argentina’s YPF head Miguel Galuccio have working meeting