Srbijagas and Yugorosgaz sign a contract to supply Russian gas to Serbia

Gazprom Export, Srbijagas and Yugorosgaz have signed an agreement to ensure the delivery of Russian natural gas to Serbia in 2011.

Gazprom and Japanese Agency for Natural Resources and Energy consider cooperation in Eastern Russia

South Stream is progressing

In 2011 the South Stream project will move into a new stage. "The national feasibility study of the project will be completed in the near future" - said Chairman of the Management Committee, Alexey Miller, speaking on a New Year's conference call. According to him, a new geological survey and exploration work on the sea section of the pipeline will begin.

Gazprom inks gas purchase contracts with Uzbekistan

Gazprom and Eni sign agreements to expand cooperation

The American Gas Association considers natural gas an undervalued fuel

The American Gas Association (AGA) has announced that it intends to provide greater support for the gas industry in 2011, with the Department of Energy and the U.S. Congress. In particular, it will seek taking into account energy and environmental advantages of natural gas in the national energy conservation program

Nord Stream Phase II Financing Update: Commitment Letters have been signed

Nord Stream AG today confirmed that following the recent publication of a Request for Proposal for Phase II project financing, binding Commitment Letters have now been signed with 24 banks which secures the Phase II financing (a total amount of 2.5 billion euros)

Nikolas Sarkozy and Alexey Miller consider cooperation deepening between Russian and French companies

Qatar leading on the world LNG market

An official ceremony was held in Ras-Laffan (Qatar) to mark the LNG production capacity hitting 77 million tons a year. So, Qatar has confirmed its status of the world's largest LNG producer possessing extensive production capacities for natural gas liquefaction

Nord stream and environmental control

In Saint-Petersburg the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Finland signed a Memorandum of Understanding for exchange of information on environmental conditions during construction of the Nord Stream offshore gas pipeline

Alexey Miller: There is no doubt that Gazprom’s capitalization will not only reach the pre-crisis level, but go up to its fair value. I give a buy recommendation!

Gazprom Export and Fluxys explore cooperation in natural gas storage

On 8 December, Gazprom Export and the Belgian company Fluxys signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the purpose of examining the options for Gazprom Export to reserve long-term storage capacity at Fluxys' underground storage site in Loenhout

Narrowing gap between prices on European gas spot markets and long-term contracts prices

The last weeks’ rise in market prices for the natural gas in Europe has narrowed the gap between the current and contracted prices for the blue fuel.

High potential of Russian-Polish cooperation in energy sector for further strides

Alexey Miller chairs meeting of European Business Congress Presiding Committee

Alexey Miller and Marcel Kramer discussed progress of the South Stream project

On working meeting between Alexey Miller and Paul van Gelder

GECF member countries discuss the situation on the world gas market

The 11th ministerial meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) was held in Doha with participation of representatives of member countries: Algeria, Venezuela, Egypt, Iran, Qatar, Libya, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago and the Equatorial Guinea

Srbijagas completes feasibility study for the Serbian section of South Stream

CEO of Srbijagas Dušan Bajatović said Serbia is the first member of South Stream to complete the feasibility study for its section. He also noted that South Stream is one of many projects carried out in strategic partnership with Gazprom Group.

Alexey Miller and Jean de Gliniasty discuss further cooperation between Russia and France in petroleum sector