General Documents

Forms to be filled in and the relevant documents are available for download under the links below:

1.    Prequalification Application Form (DOCX, 22 Kb);
2.    Confidentiality Agreement (DOCX, 49 Kb);
3.    KYC Questionnaire (DOCX, 23 Kb);
4.    a) Consent to process personal data (Trader) (DOCX, 20 Kb);
       b) Consent to process personal data (Beneficiary) (DOCX, 21 Kb);
5.    General Terms and Conditions 16.01.2019 (updated) (PDF, 445 Kb);
6.    а) Gas Sales Agreement 16.01.2019 (updated) (PDF, 355 Kb);
       b) Gas Sales Framework Agreement 25.01.2019 (updated) (PDF, 372 Kb);
7.    User’s Manual (PDF, 1,7 Mb).