29 January 2018

Ice Tale in Peter and Paul Fortress

Фестиваль ледовых скульптур — «ICE FANTASY 2018»

ICE FANTASY 2018, the ice sculpture festival


ICE FANTASY 2018, the ice sculpture festival in Peter and Paul Fortress, is a traditionally memorable winter event in St. Petersburg. This year a professional team of Russian sculptors spent more than a month to create real masterpieces and turned hundreds of ice tons into a fairy tale city, visited on January 27, 2018 by more than 50 students from social and correctional institutions of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

The children found themselves in the wonderful world welcomed by fairy tale characters, who were ready to share all the ice sculptures mysteries. For instance, as they approached the crystal-like figures of mysterious griffins watching over the Bank Bridge, and the sculptures of mighty Atlantes of the Hermitage, the children heard various legends of St. Petersburg. Then they learned about the mystery of the Hare Island and how it got its name, and played a game where they had to find all the ice hares hidden on the square. Additionally, the children saw many beautiful ice sculptures introducing characters from Russian fairy tales and fables. The most memorable part of the tour was of course the visit to the largest exhibit – a seven-meter tall Swallow’s Nest Castle model.

The fun program completed with an interesting Nitrogen Show and a tea party.

This outdoor event for children from various social institutions became possible thanks to the financial support of Gazprom Export LLC and organizing efforts of the International Association of Public Organizations “International Association for Cultural Assistance”.

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