Our Activity

Gazprom export LLC is the World’s Largest Exporter Of Natural Gas.

Gazprom export LLC is one of the most successful and advanced Russian companies. Russia’s budget revenues largely depend on the company’s export earnings. In 2018, natural gas exports to non-CIS countries reached 200.8 billion cubic meters.

Russia’s gas exports constitute a vital part of European energy security, which has been borne out by more than 40 years of experience in supplying gas to the European continent. For this reason the management of Gazprom Export devotes particular attention to the company’s reputation in the eyes of its partners and the public. Gazprom Export is committed to social responsibility while contributing to the development of the Russian gas industry and the economy.

Our Company:

  • Supplies «blue fuel» to more than 20 countries.
  • Exports gas condensate, oil, petroleum products, liquefied hydrocarbon gases and other petroleum and petrochemical products.
  • Carries out marketing of gas in new markets, optimizes export flows, and analyses and forecasts the natural gas market trends.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of Gazprom’s gas and energy investment projects in Russia and abroad.
  • Purchases natural gas from Central Asia for Gazprom’s portfolio.
  • Actively participates in improving cooperation with foreign partners.

Relevance of the Company’s activities to the interests of gas importing countries:

Russia’s share of the world’s proven oil reserves amounts to 6.1%, coal — 17.6%, gas — 25%. Further increase of the share of natural gas, which ranks second after oil, in the energy consumption balance is expected on the European continent. With limited domestic gas reserves and reduction of self- sufficiency, Europe’s need in gas imports will increase.

Gazprom Export is ready to meet the growing demand of European consumers, using the powerful potential of the Russian gas industry.

Company guarantees a reliable and sustainable gas supply to importing countries. The history of gas supplies to Europe shows that despite tumultuous political changes that have occurred both in the buying countries and in the former Soviet Union, we are able to ensure an uninterrupted gas supply to our customers.

Conformity of the company’s operations with Russia’s national interests:

  • Contributing to Russia’s fuel and energy export development and maintaining a positive foreign trade balance;
  • Boosting Russia’s role on the global fuel and energy market;
  • Expanding the economic base in order to improve cooperation with nations that import Russian gas;
  • Increasing foreign currency earnings;
  • Attracting investment to the Russian gas industry;
  • Improving the nation’s employment rate and income level;
  • Employment in the fields of gas supply production, processing, transportation and imported gas distribution.